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Smart Phone and Tablet Cover Repair in Augusta GA

Do you need repair and/or replacement for your phone? Maybe you want a new case? You’ve come to the right place.

When you accidentally drop your smartphone, either your mobile back cover or the touch screen might get damaged easily. Smartphones these days are designed to succeed in several drop tests, but this doesn’t make them completely unbreakable. If you have a smartphone that comes with an easily removable back cover, it might make things easy for you. You could just snap open the back cover, buy a replacement cover and change it yourself. But if you have an iPhone or similar phones that come with a back cover that isn’t easily removable, you might want to approach a mobile service company to get your mobile

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Damaged back phone cover:

The material of the back cover in an iPhone can shatter when you drop your phone. This will certainly reduce the usability of the phone. You could temporarily add a case over the back cover for handling the phone safely till you get a replacement. But we recommend having us fix it up for you real quick, and then finding a case that suits you.

Among other damages that can happen to your phone from damage to the back cover are cell phone camera issues and hardware issues. The damage to the back cover usually causes damage underneath as well.

Our phone cover replacement procedure:

Here is a brief outline of the steps to replace the broken back cover in your phone:

First, we bring out the correct replacement cover for your mobile phone based on its model

Second, we use proper tools and handling to remove the screws that hold the back case in place.

Third, we apply gentle pressure and strategically move the back cover a bit in the upward direction.

Then we slide it open carefully, ensuring no wires are snatched upon removal, as well as making sure no tiny screws go missing.

Then we repeat similar steps backward to replace the back cover with the new one

Next, we reassemble and fasten the screws

Lastly, we run tests to ensure it is correctly installed, then hand you back the phone you deserve along with a free warranty on the repairs!

Smart Phone and Tablet Cover Repair in Augusta

Why exactly do you need a professional for the back cover replacement?

The replacement of the back cover is not always the simplest process. Here’s why:

The first thing is, of course, the lapse of the service provider or manufacturer’s warranty- any changes done on the iPhone by yourself would terminate the warranty of your cell phone. We’re certified and won’t mess with your cell phone’s warranty.

Choosing the right back cover is crucial. Even the same model of the iPhone has different back panels in different versions like the CDMA and the GSM versions.

You would need the special screwdriver, along with other tools that come in handy while opening the cover.

When the cover badly shatters, you should be careful to remove the cover entirely without damaging any internal component and without leaving any broken glass residue

You must be careful not to damage the plastic clips that are found holding the back cover to the body of the phone.

Fitting the new back cover in place should be done cautiously without any misalignment yourself might appear to be a less expensive procedure. But, why risk ending your warranty or getting a misfit cover when you can easily allow the professionals to do it for you at such a low cost?

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