The Benefits of Unlocking Your Sprint iPhone

You went to Sprint to get a particular phone or because a plan sounded too good to pass up. Maybe you did not get a service plan but bought a phone because it is one that you liked. Regardless of the reason, you got yourself a Sprint phone and wanted to keep it. However, if you plan to move away from Sprint as a carrier, choosing another service, you might find yourself having some trouble. Most phones are carrier locked, meaning that you cannot switch services. You cannot go from Sprint to Verizon, as an example – but that is not to say all is lost. You can change carriers if you unlock your phone.

Getting Your iPhone

Whether your Apple iphone is brand new or it is one you have had for a while, you do not want to go and get a new one. Purchasing a new phone will cost more money than you want to spend and will require you to switch everything from your current one. All of that is far too much of a hassle and may be a bigger cost than you can handle right now. Sadly, if you have a Sprint iPhone, it is likely carrier locked. Most phones these days are, which means you cannot use them outside of specific carriers. Transferring your phone to another carrier will require you to unlock it.

Unlocking Your Phone and Its Benefits

Unlocking a phone means that you remove that carrier lock. By doing so, you can transfer the phone to another carrier of your choice, like Verizon. If you would like to switch from Sprint but keep your phone, this is going to be your only option.
Unlocking a phone is easy to do and comes with countless benefits. The biggest advantaged to an unlocked phone is that you keep your phone while having the freedom to choose carriers. No longer do you need to switch devices, transfer data, or do anything of the sort; you can keep your phone and your data. Choose your carrier and move your phone to them, with the very little hassle involved.

Enjoy Your Old Phone

With an unlocked phone, you can go on enjoying your device without any problems. Unlocked devices work perfectly fine, and you can have the service plan you want from the carrier of your choice. It is a simple, effective method to keep your phone without sacrificing that freedom of choice. Come into My Wireless Cell Phone Repair Augusta GA today to discover all the benefits!

Effective Ways to Manage Your Retail Business on Your Phone

The retail industry today changes as quickly as most stores change their inventory, and a successful business owner will know to take advantage of every tool available that allows him or her to keep up with those changes.

Downloading various apps and programs to your smartphone is one surefire way to stay ahead of the competition, and manage your business effectively no matter your industry or even your location!

Apps and programs are vitally important for managing your retail business, but they’re not the only tool you should be using to improve your overall sales and productivity.

To help you decide on the various apps you might choose for your business and ensure you’re making the most of your smartphone for managing every aspect of your company, note 5 effective ways to manage your retail business with your phone.

1. Integrate scheduling with everyone’s phone

Scheduling employees is a struggle for many retailers, and it often takes hours every week to cover every shift while working around the demands and limitations of each employee. It can also take hours to rework the calendar when an employee needs to change shifts!

Many retail scheduling apps available today connect to all employee phones, making them an effective tool for your retail store. An employee who needs to call in sick or change shifts can send a blast message to all other employees, so someone can pick up that shift just as quickly.

You can also note who is absent excessively and if there are conflicts in upcoming schedules without having to spend long hours in front of a computer, noting all that information piece by piece.

2. Add surveys to your website

Many retail customers today shop from their own phones, and taking a survey onto the end of their visit allows you to get a better idea of what they enjoy about your online store, and what might be causing them to turn to a competitor!

Surveys also allow a customer to send their own feedback about your website, inventory, pricing, and the like.

Many online survey companies come with apps that send survey results to your email at any schedule, and which you can check online as desired.

Using surveys that you can access any time allows you to make immediate changes to your inventory, website, and anything else that might create a more positive experience for customers.

3. Make good use of the camera

Most smartphones come with a high-quality camera that allows you to take pictures of your inventory, storefront, and even your staff, uploading those pics to your website or social media.

If you’re not using your camera to keep your online postings fresh, it’s time you started!

There are also many apps available that allow you to filter photos for best results as well as add text, which you can use to include pricing, special sales announcements, or even your website.

Doing all this from your phone makes the experience quick and simple and easy enough for any retail store owner.

4. Use retail platform partners

One way to effectively manage your retail business right from your smartphone is by partnering with a retail platform that creates an easy and seamless user experience for you and your customers. Retail Pro’s ecommerce integration is a great way for retail business owners to easily see and manage their ecommerce business from their phone, accessing sales, inventory, and much more.

Partnering with a retail platform designed specifically for your business keeps the process simple and ensures all the information you need to manage your business is at your fingertips.

This takes the guesswork out of using various apps and programs or trying to update those apps as your business changes and grows.

5. Accounting and cash flow apps

Small business owners especially need to keep track of their cash flow in real time, to ensure they can pay invoices and employees in a timely fashion.

Accounting apps also allow you to manage purchase orders, ensuring you’re never low on stock and always have proper inventory levels.

Accounting and cash flow apps connected to your smartphone can also send alerts for upcoming expenses and recurring payments, as well as low cash levels, allowing you to move money around as needed.

Using these apps on your phone ensures that you don’t overlook any detail related to your accounting and can make payments, check funds, meet your payroll demands, and whatever else is needed any time of the day or night, right from your phone.

Cell Phone Repair Augusta GA – Water Damage

An electronic device’s worst nightmare: water. Of course, more and more devices are adopting waterproof tech, there are still plenty of cell phones out there that lack any kind of water protection. Water can leave your cell phone as a useless paperweight, in the worst case scenario. It can damage the circuitry in a number of ways: by shorting, corrosion, and rust.

If you somehow managed to drop your cell phone into a toil bowl, pool, or even a glass full of liquid (trust us, this happens more than you would think, see: food selfies), then you could be looking at a brief moment of time before you can official save your cell phone from irreparable damage.

What you need to do once your cell phone has been damaged by water

There are a few things that you can try on your own to salvage your cell phone, of course. This is what you should and should not do immediately following a dunk in water:

Get it out of the water (duh) as soon as you can, then open it up and take out the battery. The battery holds a live charge that will constantly try to feed the phone juice, which increases the likelihood of comprehensive damage throughout the phone if left on its own.

Try not to hit any buttons on the phone while you are trying to get it open, this could spread the water into the phone if you have physical buttons.

Modern smartphones will actually show you an indicator light that will turn red if it detects water damage. While you’re at it, you should take out the SIM and memory cards, to prevent damage and corrosion from affecting them.

As far as drying your phone out by yourself goes, there are a few DIY recommendations online that you’ll probably find, but none of them are very promising. What you should definitely avoid are the more aggressive tips, like using a blow-dryer to get the water out of the phone. This will likely just end up pushing the water deeper in the phone and possibly damage it if you allow the heat to focus on any sensitive spots on the phone.

Even if you suspect that your phone is dry and you don’t see any more moisture, don’t try turning the phone back on yet. Wait at least a full day to be safe before attempting to turn it back on. Water can stay trapped in the smallest of spaces and it would be a shame if the phone was actually okay, but reactivating it sparked a surge in electricity due to hidden water.

The Rice Myth for repairing water damaged cell phones

Believing that rice is some magical water-extractor is what gets a lot of cell phone owners in trouble when they are desperate to dry out their phones. The idea is that dry, uncooked rice is so dry that it draws all the moisture in the space that it occupies, thus extracting all of the water that was inside the housing of the phone. This is false, and, in fact, rice has been proven to be less absorbent than oatmeal and cat litter by various independent tests online. The truth is, you are better off leaving your cell phone in an open space, especially a place outside where it is dry, sunny, windy, but not overly hot. The moral of the story is don’t believe everything you read online, sometimes a little fresh air is all you need.

Don’t lose faith in your smart phone

We know that the prospect of losing all your precious data and contacts could be devastating, so it is important to stay positive throughout the whole ordeal of getting water into your phone. If you have the ability to physically unscrew your phone’s case and expose its circuits to open air, then you’ll want to do it as soon as possible for the best chance at limiting damage. Ignore the warranty concerns, water damage takes precedent over that, so you’re on your own unless you take it to get it repaired by a professional.

There are varying degrees of water damage that can be repaired by professional cell phone repair in Augusta, GA. If you happen to only experience water damage to the battery, ports, or the LCD screen, these parts are fairly inexpensive to replace and will not affect your data or functionality of the phone.

If any part of the motherboard’s circuitry gets shorted and shows signs of damage, there is likely nothing that can be done to revive it and you will essentially need to say goodbye to all of your data. If it is just corrosion, however, the motherboard can be cleaned up and at least give you the opportunity to save all of your data before replacing the cell phone.

Getting your cell phone repaired

Our cell phone professionals will bend over backwards to rescue your water-logged telephone or other gadget. In any case, if the device is destroyed, they have the innovation to recover any data put away on your telephone and exchange them to another one. Stroll into a neighborhood store for a free consultation, you never know how bad it is until you get a second look.

Our phone repair shops in Augusta, GA will use one of 3 models to settle (or endeavor to alter) your situation. We will never do what most shops do and charge a non-refundable demonstrative expense to take a close look at the problem. In the event that they want to settle it, then they’ll let you know what it will cost (which will be an extra charge). In the event that they can’t, they simply take the $30-$40 expense despite everything, leaving you with a broken telephone and a bill. Don’t deal with this nonsense and call us today at (706) 303-8693.

How are we different from other cell phone repair shops?

Other phone repair shops will cite a settled water repair cost, yet it will exclude any segments that may be required – that will be an additional charge. So a promoted $49 water repair service may wind up being $149 after another screen and new battery are placed in it. This is just something to be aware of, so you’re not left sitting with a surprised look on your face or worse: not being able to afford the repairs that could save your phone. We promise never to do anything crazy like this. We will always repair your phone at an affordable price and then give you a free warranty on repairs because we know what we do works.

Shop smart

A fair repair cost would ideally be that is just charged if the telephone is repaired and free of water damage. On the off chance that it can’t be saved, then there is no charge. Another minor departure from this is a totally free analytic service where they give you a set cost in the wake of analyzing your phone. You can do the repair or not by then. This is what we like to call an “informed decision” in the retail world, which is a good idea for both parties.

All that said, no one but you can choose that you ought to or shouldn’t get a professional repairman to repair your phone. It might work for you or it might be a waste of money. How important are those pictures and stored information to you? Alternately perhaps you couldn’t care less if the telephone is completely busted, but the data can be recovered, so the repair bill still ends up being worth it anyways. Then again perhaps you simply have a couple more weeks until you can get a replacement on your contract and wind up with a newer model phone.

Things find a way of working out, the key here is to never panic and never freak out. Don’t rely on rice and don’t be impatient when it comes to water damage. If you follow these steps, you’ll put yourself in a good position to recover your cell phone, or at least the important data you have stored on it.

What to do if you have a broken cell phone screen

My Wireless Cell Phone Repair Augusta is here to help.

Don’t Fret. It happens to the best of us. And whether you blame it on the stress or your left-handedness, there are many things to do and get over it. Below, we are listing the best ways to deal with a cracked screen.

1. Get A Temporary Cell Phone

The first thing you need if your cell phone is broken down is not to start looking for the best screen repair service in Augusta, GA – but a temporary phone you can use until you figure things out. Now, there are a lot of people who think that after cracking their phone’s screen they must get a brand new and fleshy cell phone.

Well folks, that’s how you put a lot of money in the drain. Instead of it, getting a temporary phone until you find a phone repair service in Augusta that will take care of your broken screen in a few days is the best way to deal with it.

Tip: Ask your Facebook friends to see if they have a spare cell phone you could use.

2. Check out your cell phone repair options

It’s the holiday season, you have a lot of responsibilities, tasks and probably – expenses. So, you have two choices:

1. Give all your hard-earned money to some screen replacement service in Augusta, GA

2. Get over your cracked screen until you save up to replace it

Is there a third option? Wait….

We’re your local cell phone repair shop in Augusta GA, ready to give you an answer.

3: Call our smart phone repair experts, and get your nicks and cracks repaired at the most affordable prices in town along with a free warranty on repairs! (706) 303-8693

3. Hire Someone To Do The Repair….FAST!

Going to the nearby Apple or Samsung store to repair your broken screen is not the best answer to your problems. In fact, it is one that comes with a hefty price and may come with weeks and weeks of waiting.

In order to not hurt your budget and get the best bang for the buck – what you can do is find the best local phone repair shop in Augusta, GA – and hire someone to change your screen fast.

Tip: At My Wireless Cell Phone Repair Augusta, we’re your best shot for this, and will make sure your phone is with you in the quickest time possible – without hurting your wallet!

4. Trade It In Or Sell Your Broken Phone

If you want a brand new replacement, make sure you get the best price from your ‘erm…broken’ phone. Even though it may have a completely destroyed screen doesn’t mean you cannot sell it. There are services online that will buy your phone!

Tip: Sending in a broken phone is not always what you need – as it’s not something that certainly won’t make you much of a profit. The best idea is to use that cash towards a replacement phone so you can get it at a lower price, or get the phone repaired and sell it as working perfectly if you want a new phone, right?

5. Visit Your Go-To Mobile Repair Shop And Don’t Worry About Anything Anymore

Having a go-to iPhone repair store in Augusta, GA or a Samsung screen repair shop is sometimes the best way to solve the cracked screen case. Wondering why?

Well, such services are always here for you and save you the hassle and hefty fees that the manufacturers charge for things as simple as a few cracks or a small screen damage. Of course, there can be cases when your smartphone is completely destroyed, but once again, handing it to your local cell phone repair store in Augusta, GA is a great way to deal with the issue.

Tip: You need expert techs that are speedy quick and work with the lowest fees for screen replacement in Augusta, Ga – right? Look no further than our warrantied cell phone repair service!

So, what are you waiting for?

Quit the crying and hand your phone to our expert techs at My Wireless Cell Phone Repair Augusta – and you’ll have it with you in the quickest time possible.

(Plus, we will teach you a few tricks to make sure a cracked screen never happens again!)

The Difference Between A Cracked And A Broken LCD Screen

Admit it – there is nothing more scary than seeing a cracked smartphone or tablet screen, right as you pick up your device from the ground. With all the hopes lost and all the stress inside your head at that moment, you can’t help but think what is the next step.

But before you do that and choose the best screen replacement service in Augusta, GA – you should figure out if your tablet or phone has a cracked or broken LCD screen. Wait, is there any difference?

A Cracked Screen Does Not Mean A Broken Screen

The first thing you need to learn is the difference between glass and LCD screens. In a nutshell, some of the most common repairs are cracked and broken screens – but there is a big difference between both of them.

Every smartphone or tablet is made up of two thin layers – a glass screen and a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen. While the glass screen is made for protecting, viewing and operating your LCD screen, the LCD is one responsible for the brightness of your display and the touch response. However, there are times when a slip-off from your hands can damage both the glass and LCD screen.

What To Look For?

To see if you have cracked both screens or broken just the glass one, or see if you cracked, shattered or only scratched the LCD screen, you have to inspect for the following:

any out-of-place lines, scratches or patterns appearing on the screen

black spots or blurred and discolored areas on your screen

a totally black screen

Now, all of these examples are related to a broken LCD screen – apart from your glass screen. Luckily, at Cell Phone Repair Augusta, we pride ourselves on doing expert screen repairs in Augusta, GA on all smartphones and tables. From our premium iPhone screen replacement service to our vast experience replacing tablet screens, we have it all to make your device look – and function great again.